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Time for Trees: Let’s plant trees. Trees save lives!

carbon-connect AG plants over 46,000 new trees worldwide via international foundations.

Trees and forests play a special and important role in climate protection. Trees purify the air we breathe, regulate precipitation and the water cycle, cool the earth and are cheap and relatively easily reproducible carbon storage (CO2 storage). Forests provide the habitat for more than 80% of the Earth's biological diversity.

Man-made CO2 emissions from fossil fuel energy generation and land conversion amount to about 11 billion tons of CO2 per year. Almost 30% of these carbon emissions (CO2 emissions) are stored by land and about 20% by the oceans. It is therefore urgent that we stop deforastation. Agricultural land can no longer expand at the expense of forests. Eight million square kilometres of afforested forest leads to an estimated minus of 0.3 degrees Celsius in global temperatures by the end of the century.

(Source: die Welt)


Trees for the Future is a Maryland based non-profit organization that helps communities in Central and South America, Africa and Asia plant trees. Since 1989, over 150 million trees have been planted in more than 30 countries. The project pursues a three-pillar strategy: poverty alleviation, hunger eradication and environmental recovery through reforestation. The local population is trained in agroforestry, cultivates their soils independently and can thus feed themselves. In addition, there is no agricultural destruction of forests. The positive effects on the environment are almost endless, because trees save lives!


Sustainable Harvest International was founded in 1997 in Boston and is a non-profit organisation and supports low-income farmers in Central America. This support helps in the sustainable use of natural resources, stops deforestation and preserves the land for future generations of farmers. To fulfill Sustainable Harvest International's mission, farmers are trained and supported over a period of 5 years. Over the past 20 years, over 3000 families have been trained, over 25000 hectares of degraded land regenerated and 4 million trees planted.


In cooperation with ONETREEPLANTED and BOS Switzerland, carbon-connect AG and its customers support various tree planting and reforestation campaigns. ONETREEPLANTED is a non-profit organization based in the USA, which operates reforestation in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa in cooperation with selected partners. Afforestation takes place in places where trees have disappeared due to forest fires, droughts, conversion of forests into farmland or the timber industry. BOS Switzerland is a non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland, that maintains orangutan rescue centers and works to preserve their habitat, the tropical rainforest of Borneo. When forests are cleared by fire, huge amounts of bound CO2 are released, accelerating climate change.

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