Product Carbon Footprint

A Product Carbon Footprint (for CO 2 -Accounting) and its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) systematically
records all greenhouse gas emissions, and also any impact of a product or service, on our
environment. The product or service is analyzed from the beginning to the end (from the cradle to
the grave). In this approach, all raw materials, production processes, transport, power consumption
throughout a products lifetime, and its disposal are considered. The Product Carbon Footprint is the
amount of all greenhouse gas emissions throughout a products lifetime, including usage and


Essential Categories for the Product Carbon Footprint:

  • energy and refrigeration consumption
  • distribution
  • phase of usage
  • materials incl. delivery
  • all excipients
  • water consumption
  • printed matter, office supplies
  • disposal and recycling, reject
  • packaging

CO2 labels on products with corresponding CO2 values presents useful and sensible information for the consumers. This is already available in everyday life for most important product ranges, for example:

cars: labeling of CO2 emissions in grams / kilometer

  • electronic devices: energy efficiency labelingg
  • power, electricity: highlighted on bill