La GLORIA Hydropower Project in Honduras


The La Gloria hydropower project is a small run-of-river power plant in northern Honduras. The project uses water from the Bejucal River and has an annual electricity production of 35 GWh. The project is located in the municipality of La Gloari and was developed and operated by the private company ElectrotecniaS. The aim of the project is to expand renewable energy in Honduras and meet the country's growing local and national electricity needs. The generated electricity will be sold to the National Power Utility (ENEE) over the next 15 years. The project is a further building block in the national development plan "Plan de Nación" and defines Honduras expansion of renewable energies. By 2038, 80% of energy production in Honduras is to come from renewable sources. Hydropower already accounts for a substantial 30% of Honduras' electricity mix. Every investment in renewable energies is an important and necessary step, reduces carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

The GLORIA water project will generate an average of 35 GWh per year and avoids approximately 24,000 tons of carbon (CO2) per year. The emission factor of power generation from fossil fuels in Honduras is 0.7214 tonnes of carbon (CO2) per MWh of electricity produced.

The local population of La Gloria, Las Flores, El Satal, Satalito, El Porvenir, El Diamante and Nueva Esperanza will benefit directly and indirectly from this project, mainly through the creation of new jobs and increased development and economic activities in the region. During the construction period, the project will create approximately 150 jobs. After the construction period, around 30 permanent jobs will be maintained for the operation of the plant.

Additional benefits through the climate protection project:

  •  Guarantee of electricity requirements in the Colon department and the surrounding area
  • Provision of workplaces with permanent employment
  • Promotion of renewable energies, renunciation of fossil fuels

Suppport project

The project is defined according to the strict rules of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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