With a Green Label, we offer you the opportunity of making trips with your car carbon-neutral. Your activities can become sustainable and efficient starting today. Green Labels for 

carbon-neutral cars are available not only for private individuals but also for fleets and motor pools as well as parking garages.



Total vehicular traffic, with a share of approximately 26%, contributes heavily to carbon emissions in the European Union. Private vehicular traffic is responsible for about half of emissions, with its share of
approximately 12%.

On average, about 160 grams of CO2 are produced per kilometer, which means carbon emissions of 1.6 tonnes for 10 000 kilometers.


Our Proposed Solution

Avoid carbon emissions wherever possible and significant, and compensate for the rest. Make your own active contribution toward protecting the environment.


Your Opportunity = Carbon-Neutral Car

Implementation and encouragement of climate-neutral activities depend on the purchase and use or redemption of ecologically valuable emission reduction certificates from climate protection projects. Carbon-Connect thus offsets your emissions 100%. Because our atmosphere recognizes no national boundaries, it is irrelevant for climate protection where CO2-emissions occur and in what part of the earth they are compensated or avoided.

carbon-connect supports high-quality climate protection projects.